Cadillac Ultimate Luxury Trim Levels In Norfolk, VA

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Top Of The Line Cadillac Trims

Explore all that Cadillac has to offer from their Platinum and Sport trim levels. Our Cadillac engineers and designers crafted top-notch luxury to offer superior comfort and style. Our team is prepared to help you realize the added benefits of choosing the 2020 Cadillac Escalade Platinum trim or the 2020 XT5 Sport. Schedule an appointment with our dealership to discuss your options today.

Cadillac Platinum And Sport Trims

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What Are The Top-Level Cadillac SUV Trims?

Every Cadillac SUV exemplifies high-standards of luxury and sophistication; however, each SUV trim has something exceptional and more unique to offer. With regard to Cadillac SUVs, we have an Escalade Platinum trim and a Sport trim for the XT5, XT4, and XT6. The Luxury and Premium Luxury trims are high-quality, but the Platinum and Sport include all their features and more. Experience the highest form of expression Cadillac has to offer, and our team is happy to explain the benefits of being a Cadillac owner. These benefits include warranty protection, roadside assistance, premium concierge, OnStar features, and more! Learn more about what the Cadillac Platinum and Cadillac Sport trims have in store for you.
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What Is The Top-Level Cadillac Car Trim?

The highest trim level offered in Cadillac Sedans is the Cadillac Sport. Both the CT4 and CT5 are available in three trim levels: Luxury, Premium Luxury and Sport. While each trim has something new to offer, the Sport incorporates the best of performance, tech, safety, and design. There is an available Platinum package for those who’d like even more than what the Sport offers. Speak with your salesperson about your sedan options today. As an owner of a luxury Cadillac car, you’ll quality for certain benefits including a warranty, various OnStar services, and more. Now is the time to shop for a new Cadillac CT5 Sport trim or Cadillac CT4 Sport trim. Visit our dealership for a test drive today.
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Cadillac SUV And Crossover Ultimate Luxury Trims


2020 Escalade Platinum Trim

The Platinum trim level stands as the Escalade’s highest available trim as it includes various interior, exterior and design features to make your drive not only more comfortable but also stylish. The Platinum trim is a standout choice for shoppers looking to take their drives to the next level. Shop the Escalade Platinum today.
Escalade Platinum


2020 XT5 Sport Trim

The Sport stands as the Cadillac XT5’s highest trim. Safety and performance are brought to another level with the Sport. Drive smoothly and with peace of mind in your luxury mid-size Sport trim SUV. Now is the time to test drive the XT5 Sport trim because the acceleration and power could seal the deal. Shop the XT5 Sport today.
XT5 Sport


2020 XT4 Sport Trim

The Sport is the highest available trim on Cadillac’s compact XT4 SUV. The XT4 Sport SUV is known for its athletic and agile build to make each drive more exhilarating than the last. Now is the time to test drive the XT4 Sport, and our Norfolk Cadillac team of luxury experts is prepared to help you. Shop the XT4 Sport today.
XT4 Sport


2020 XT6 Sport Trim

The Sport is the highest trim level when it comes to the 7-passenger Cadillac XT6 SUV. The Sport will allow you to bring your family from weekday errands to weekend getaway in sophisticated style. The XT6 Sport trim is a standout option for drivers in the Norfolk area. Shop the XT6 Sport or XT6 Premium Luxury today.
XT6 Sport

Luxury Cadillac Car Trims


2020 CT4 Sport Trim

The Sport is the highest trim level offered with regard to the compact CT4 Sedan. This Cadillac car is a top-choice for buyers who find themselves parking in tight-parking spaces often or embarking on their daily work commute. It’s luxurious and sophisticated nature make the Sport a top-contender. The Sport trim includes all Premium Luxury trim features and more. The Cadillac CT4-V is another incredible option for those hoping to feel even more power behind the wheel. Shop the CT4 Sport sedan today.
CT4 Sport


2020 CT5 Sport Trim

The CT5 is a popular option for those who prefer cars to SUVs, and the Sport is the highest available trim to all buyers who aren’t looking to purchase the CT5-V. Cadillac engineers crafted the CT5 for style, design and comfort; and the CT5 Sport takes these features to another level. Consult a member of our Cadillac Norfolk team to learn more about the CT5 Sport trim has to offer. Shop the CT5 Sport sedan today.
CT5 Sport

Cadillac Premium Luxury Trim Available In Suvs And Cars

While Cadillac’s top trims are the Sport and Platinum, the Cadillac Premium Luxury trim is offered as another top-notch trim level. The Premium Luxury trim may be slightly less equipped, but it will surely exceed your expectations both in style and performance. Rick Hendrick Cadillac Norfolk’s sales team is happy to further explain the differences between the Platinum, Sport, and Premium Luxury Cadillac trims. Schedule your appointment today.