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The CT5 has an interesting blend of technology features that will appeal to the driving purist and the inner techy alike. The CT5 features the unique Cadillac Experience, wireless phone charging, a sound optimized cabin, safety and driver assistance features, and an all new digital vehicle platform. This is a highly connected sedan that allows owners to even download updates and upgrades remotely.

Cadillac User Experience

The Cadillac user experience keeps the driver informed and entertained while keeping the driver’s main focus on the road. The centerpiece of the user experience is the 10-inch 1080dp high definition screen. The screen is the driver’s portal to view entertainment selections, maps and apps, and more. The CT5 is compatible with Apple Carplay or Android Auto, which means you can use the full features of your phone while in the CT5 sedan. Other features of the user experience include one-touch phone pairing and a rotary controller with intuitive jog functionality.

Wireless Phone Charging

Until now, charging your phone in your car has been a mess. The driver has to ensure the charger is plugged in, dig the cable out from in between the seats, and then hope the connector tip still works. The CT5 has the available feature of wireless phone charging that puts that hassle out of mind. Simply place your compatible phone on the charging pad to ensure you have a full battery for your next meeting or stop.

Upgrade Your Car’s Tech

The best part of current mobile and computer technology is the ability to download the best software to give your device a fresh update. Cadillac is now bringing that functionality to the automobile. The CT5 will be the first Cadillac with an upgraded digital architecture system. This car will be able to handle large amounts of data, as high as 4.5 terabytes per hour. Cadillac CT5 owners will be able to remotely upgrade the car’s high-tech features. That means that over time an owner can upgrade their safety and entertainment features as new features become available.

Sound Optimized Cabin

Cadillac owners believe that driving should be an awesome experience. Sometimes outside noise from highway speeds or city traffic and construction intrude on a peaceful drive. CT5 car owners will not need to worry about this. Active Noise Cancellation helps eliminate unwanted engine noise in the cabin. For those passionate about the driving experience, Engine Sound Enhancement is an even more exciting feature. This system accentuates the engine’s sweetest sounds to provide a more visceral driving experience.

Safety and Driver-Assistance Features

There are over 20 available safety and driver-assistance features available in the CT5 car. Features like an HD backup camera, automatic emergency braking system, front pedestrian braking, safety alert seat, and more ensure that a CT5 owner can drive with peace of mind and may be less likely to be involved in an accident.

Rick Hendrick Norfolk Cadillac

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